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Blackberry Plants

  • Navaho Thornless Blackberry Plants

    Navaho (Thornless) Patent First ever Thornless Blackberry that's erect and self-supporting. Has glossy black berries, sweeter and firmer than previous thornless varieties, with smaller seed size. Also very winter hardy. This Patented variety requires little maintenance. No wires or trellis needed. Ripens June 20 in zone 7.

Blueberry Plant

  • Patriot Blueberry Plant For Sale

    An early ripening northern highbush variety with very large fruit size, firm berries with small scars, early Duke makes a great early companion to cross pollinate with. Very winter hardy variety. And tends to do better in heavier soil type, less problems with root rots compared to other varieties. Very tasty variety with high yields. zones 4-8 from Pense Nursery, Inc.


  • Buy Bluecrop Blueberry Plants Online

    Arapaho (Thornless) "Patented" Earliest Thornless Blackberry in existence. Ripens June 3 in zone 7. Plants are erect and self-supporting, very winter hardy with no disease problems. The berries are large and very firm, excellent flavor. Arapaho will complement Navaho in providing a longer harvest season of Thornless Blackberries. Looking for a delicious and nutritious fruit to add to your garden? Look no further than the Arapaho Blackberry! This thornless variety is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to deal with the prickly stems of traditional blackberries. The Arapaho thornless blackberry is also a great choice for those who are looking for a higher yield - you can expect around 10-12 pounds of fruit per plant!

Blueray Blueberry Plants

  • Buy Blueray Blueberry Plants

    Blueray Blueberry, Ripens mid-season, excellent flavor with large fruit. Very vigorous and productive plant. Select 2 different varieties for good cross pollination. BLUE RAY NORTHERN HIGHBUSH BLUEBERRY Ripens mid-season, excellent flavor with large fruit. Very vigorous and productive plant. Select 2 different varieties for good cross pollination. This is a home garden favorite with large deep blue berries that matures a few days earlier than Blue Crop. With Blue Ray Blueberry you have one of the most popular home blueberry varieties throughout the northeast and Midwest. The four to six-foot bushes are famous for heavy crops and dependable winter hardiness. Zones 4-7 from Pense Nursery, Inc. The Blueray Blueberry is a new hybrid berry that was created by crossing two existing varieties of blueberries. This new berry has many benefits over its predecessors, including a higher concentration of antioxidants and a more vibrant flavor. The blueray blueberry is also larger and firmer than o

Chandler Strawberry Plants

  • Chandler Strawberry Plants For Sale

    CHANDLER STRAWBERRY, Chandler strawberry is recommended for southern planting. Originated in California. Fruit flavor and color are very good on this vigorous, southern variety. High yields have been experienced throughout the Carolinas and California, and it holds its berry size well. Chandler has produced as high as one quart per plant over the season. Zones 5-8 from Pense Nursery, Inc.

Freedom Blackberry

  • Ark Freedom Horizon Semi Thornless Blackberry

    Prime-Ark® Horizon, Is a new primocane-fruiting variety to expand grower options for this unique blackberry type. It has very high yield . Berries are large and firm, with postharvest similar to Prime-Ark® 45. In Arkansas, the floricane crop first harvest date is June 12, near that of Ouachita. Primocane first harvest date is August 4, The primocane-fruiting period extends into mid-October, 8 days longer than Prime-Ark® 45 and 19 days longer than Prime-Ark® Traveler. Primocane fruiting period of over 60 days. Berry size 7.8 overall average but can be larger than 10 g for floricanes and average 7.3 g for primocanes. The floricane and primocane average weights are much closer than other primocane-fruiting varieties, suggesting more berry weight stability in summer heat during primocane flowering and fruiting. Yield: Very high yield potential on floricanes, and crop control with pruning is advised to balance crop. Floricane yields have exceeded 30,000 lb/acre, but can be less dependi

Highbush Blueberry Plants

  • Buy Misty Southern Highbush Blueberry Plants

    MISTY SOUTHERN HIGHBUSH BLUEBERRY, Is early and high yielding variety. very attractive ornamental southern high bush variety. The bright blue-green foliage provides a perfect contrast to the pink and white spring flowers and sky blue summer fruit. The berries are medium to large size and of excellent quality sweet and a little spicy flavors . Growers especially like Misty's evergreen tendency in areas with mild winters. Chilling needs are very low (300 hours) zones 5-9 from Pense Nursery, Inc. When it comes to blueberry plants, the Misty Southern Highbush variety is one of the most popular choices. And it's no wonder why - these bushes are easy to care for and produce delicious, plump berries that are perfect for eating fre

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ONEAL Southern Blueberry Plants

  • ONEAL Southern Blueberry Plants For Sale

    O'NEAL SOUTHERN BLUEBERRY Fruit is large and juicy, usually the first variety to ripen, O'Neal is considered by some to have the best flavor of all the Southern Highbush blueberries, with consistent quality throughout harvest. Summer foliage is an attractive gray-green accented with red stems and branches. Chill Hours: 500-600 Zones 5-9

ouachita blackberry,

  • Ouachita Thornless Blackberry Plants for Sale

    OUACHITA (Thornless): Forth release of patented thornless blackberry from the University of Arkansas. Ripens June 12th in Arkansas. Very productive, medium to large fruit, sweet, firm berries. Suitable for fresh market or commercial shipping. Good disease resistant. Very erect, free standing plant that will bridge the gap between Arapaho and Navaho. Zones 5-8. Ouachita Blackberry is not your average blackberry. Ouachita is a thornless variety that is extra sweet and juicy. It's perfect for snacks, pies, jams, and even wine. Ouachitas are extremely disease resistant and are adaptable to a wide range of climates. They're also easy to grow and require very little maintenance.

Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plants for Sale

  • Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plants for Sale

    SEASCAPE, DAY NEUTRAL STRAWBERRY PLANTS, produce delicious fruit over a long season Disease-resistant; excellent variety for home gardeners Well-suited to both in-ground gardens and container growing ; Seascape strawberry plants yield large, juicy, well-shaped berries with superb flavor, and they bear fruit over a long season. It’s one of the most productive and disease-resistant everbearing varieties yet! Shallow roots make them ideal for growing in containers as well as in the garden. Hardy in Zones 4-8. From Pense Nursery, Inc.

Prime-Ark Freedom Blackberry

  • Prime-Ark Freedom Blackberry Thornless Plants

    Prime-Ark Freedom, (patented variety) University of Arkansas release is the world’s first thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry. “Prime-Ark® Freedom is an exciting development as it is the first thornless plant of this blackberry type released for commercial introduction in the world,” . “Its potential to produce two crops each year, both being early to very early in ripening, is another unique attribute of this cultivar. Its exceptional fruit size should make it a very noteworthy blackberry for home gardeners or local-market growers. It has very large berries with good flavor,” Attention, Home Gardeners! Ever thought about owning the world's first thornless primocane-fruiting blackberry? Well, now you can! If you're looking for a blueberry variety that's packed with nutrients, full of flavor and generously sized - you should check out our Prime-Ark Freedom Blackberry. Freshly available, only at Penseberry Farm!


  • Buy Sparkle Strawberry Plants Penseberryfarm

    Sparkle is the best strawberry for jam and freezing. Sparkle has been known for flavorful, high-quality, attractive fruit for over 60 years. You'll be rewarded with a nice crop of tasty, medium-sized berries by not allowing the bed to become too thick. An extremely vigorous variety, Sparkle is an excellent choice for home gardeners and pick-your-own operations in northern climates. Heirloom quality - recommended for beginners. Zones 3-8 from Pense Nursery, Inc.

Sweetheart Blueberry Plant

  • Buy Sweetheart Blueberry Plants

    Sweetheart Blueberry, Sweetheart is technically a Northern Highbush, but it thrives from north to south, needing no pollinator to set up to 15 pounds of berries a year. The first crop is in late spring or early summer. The second is at summer's end. Very good yields ,plump, firm, delicious sweetheart blueberries with a very sweet bite.

Thornless blackberry

  • Caddo Thornless Blackberry Plants

    Caddo Blackberry, is a high-flavor blackberry, from the fruit breeding program at the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, the research arm of the Division of Agriculture. “It has very good fruit flavor and large berries.”Caddo has very noteworthy and desirable aromatics that enhance its flavor.”Caddo is an early-ripening cultivar, Its average first harvest date is June 8 about two days later than Natchez and two days earlier than Osage .“It has overall high fruit quality, excellent postharvest fruit-handling potential, consistent high yields and excellent plant health,” Caddo is the 14th erect-growing, floricane blackberry developed at the division’s Fruit Research Station near Clarksville.Caddo shares a breeding parent with Osage, a blackberry released by the division in 2012. The male parent was Ark. 2108, which contributed to many of Caddo’s superior quality traits. It was crossed with a highly flavored female parent, APF-45, which was released in 2009 as Prime-Ark®45, a prim

  • Buy Osage Thornless Blackberry

    OSAGE THORNLESS BLACKBERRY: This is the thirteenth release from the University of Arkansas. Osage was developed with the intention of advancing flavor to a higher level in Blackberries. Osage ripens 5 days after Natchez around June 10, three days earlier than Ouachita. The berries are medium size and very firm with excellent flavor, good yielding and has an excellent storage potential. Osage should perform very well in commercial shipping. The Osage Blackberry plant is a deciduous shrub that is native to North America. It's a member of the Rubus genus, which includes raspberries, blackberries, and dewberries. This blackberry variant is a perennial plant, meaning it can live for more than two years. The Osage blackberry is a fruit-bearing plant, and the delicious fruits are used in pies, jams, and jellies!

Thornless Blackberry Varieties

  • Ponca Thornless Blackberry

    Order this Ponca thornless blackberry and many other thornless blackberry varieties that are now available at penseberryfarm. Order these juicy berries now!!


    ALBION EVERBEARING STRAWBERRY, The perfect dessert strawberry due to its high sugar content! Bursting with sweetness, this everbearing selection is distinguished by its conical, symmetrically shaped fruit with firm texture and superior flavor. Albion is high yielding, tolerates heat and humidity, and has excellent disease resistance. Offered from, Pense Nursery, Inc.

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